For a Hairy Situation… Zip It!

I’m just going to go ahead and warn you now… there’s some gross stuff going on in this post.  I’m just sayin’ you might want to put down your bagel.  Consider yourself warned…


If your household is anything like mine, you have a situation.  A hair situation.  A hair everywhere you look situation.  This is just what happens with long hair like mine and Skylar’s.  It’s not just long, but it’s also plentiful.  This crazy thick mane I’ve got, while nice for hairstyling, is a beast for clean up.  And I mean literal beasts that form in my drain.  Hairy slimy creatures that nobody likes to clean up.  Nobody.

So when the day comes that you’re taking a shower and realize that you’re suddenly standing in ankle deep water, you shutter at the thought of what you know you must do: clean the drain.

Thankfully, this is a common problem and someone has already come up with a solution.  Check out this cool little tool I found at my local hardware store:


This handy little piece of plastic, a Zip-It, was a whopping $2.48, and worth every penny.  When you take it out of the packaging, it looks like this:


Simple, and unassuming.  There’s a little hole on the top so you can pull it out of the drain, and a pointy end to stick into the drain.  See those little thorn looking spikes?  Those are important.  And sharp.

So you just push the stick into your drain as far as you can (mine only went in a few inches), and then pull it back out.  What comes out with the stick is amazing.  And gross.  Put down your bagel now…

hair clump 1

OH. MY. GOD!!!

This thing worked like a boss, it was crazy easy, and no chemicals were needed.  They say not to try to remove the hair from the stick, and if I was able to get mine further down the drain I would have never been able to (those spikes are like crazy glue!!).  I was, however, able to detach my hair clump for gross photographic purposes…

hair clump 2


The second best thing about this little magical cleaning stick is that it’s a one time use disposable.  You just pull that nasty out, and throw the whole thing away.  You don’t have to touch any of that gross hair (half of which probably belongs to the former residents)

Now my shower is working and draining like a charm.  I told you it was worth the $2.48.

So tell me, have you used this before? Or do you have some other suggestion for easy cleaning of disgusting things?  Leave a comment!  I’d love to hear from you!


P.S.  You can pick up your bagel again.

P.P.S.  I’m not getting anything from Zip-It for sharing this with you.  It’s just something I used and loved and wanted to share.