Tasting and serving caviar is a special ritual that can rightfully be compared to a royal reception.

How is it customary in high society to eat this exquisite product?

We will understand in detail in our article.

Serving caviar Caviar is served with special chic. It is important to think over the individual nuances: what will be served, what will the product be on, and also with what device to scoop it up?

HoReCa experts’ advice:

1 - Before opening the can, it is recommended to keep it at room temperature for a few minutes. Serving on the table takes place immediately before the arrival of the guests because the eggs can become watery due to prolonged contact with air.

2 - Dishes for serving caviar glass or mother-of-pearl. Metal products are completely unsuitable for this signature dish.

3 - It is customary to serve champagne with caviar and dishes that will not dominate the main product in terms of their taste.

You can taste the caviar by placing a few eggs in the palm of your hand between your index finger and thumb. First inhale the aroma, and then lick the eggs with your tongue, pressing them to the palate. Sturgeon caviar should delight you with a delicate nutty taste, light aftertaste of nuts or fruits.

Do not forget that the extravaganza of tastes will be able to unfold if the rules for storing the product are followed.

CAVIAR MALOSSOL branded caviar will perfectly reveal its taste and aroma if you follow the right advice

Rules for the use of caviar In fact, black caviar is sturgeon eggs (stage 4). It can be grainy and pressed. Has an excellent scent of the sea, revealing nutty or fruity notes.

Product feeding options

sandwiches with caviar;

caviar on tartlets with cheese cream;

pancakes stuffed or decorated with caviar;

source of the image - Marky’s caviar

chips or crackers with caviar and slices of butter.

In any case, caviar on your table is a key dish that must be combined with soft and mild culinary masterpieces. Traditional serving The table on which black caviar will appear suggests the use of caviar and a silver teaspoon for it. You can also arrange the caviar along with any plate in the form of an elongated rectangle, garnished with parsley or lemon slices.

In Europe, caviar is served in a caviar dish with ice, in which a crystal or glass container with caviar is placed. The Russian tradition of serving delicacies involves the use of glass, porcelain, or silver bowls without adding ice.

Caviar dish: caviar dishes; sauce bowls; glass or crystal bowls; dishes; a silver or bone spoon.

As you can see, serving caviar is not such a difficult procedure.

A delicacy from the depths of the seas will become a revered delicacy on your table.

The main thing is that it does not come into contact with metal objects when serving and eating.