Happy Friday Everyone!!


I’m very happy to share this little Gluten Free meal we made a few weeks ago. This whole thing came about after finding gluten free mini pepperoni by Hormel. Yay! They are so cute! Now it’s time to make mini pizzas with a twist….no crust.

Don’t they look amazing??



Baby Bella mushrooms Pizza sauce Mozzarella cheese Pizza toppings of your choice .


Remove the stems from the mushrooms. Feed them to your hungry kid. Place the caps onto a cookie sheet, with the hole facing up. I covered my sheet with foil, and gave it a shot with non-stick cooking spray. Put a small dollop of pizza sauce into the mushroom cap. Skylar asked for hers without sauce, and that worked well too. Top with cheese and your choice of topping. If you are like me and realize at this point that you thought you had Mozz cheese, but didn’t, you can always take string cheese (a staple in my house) and grate it.

Bake in a 400 degree oven until cheese is slightly browned. Approx 10 mins. Remove carefully, as the sauce is hot and can be runny. We ate ours as a meal, but these would make amazing appetizers too.


I hope you enjoyed this twisted, gluten free, take on pizza! I would love to know from all you other GFs out there, how have you gotten your pizza fix? Do you have a crustless pizza? Have you found the perfect GF crust recipe? Please share!!


Have a great day everyone!! Lizz