Skylarism – Home Birth

The other day I showed Skylar a picture of a friend’s newborn baby.  I told her she had just had the baby that day, and this was her very first picture.  I expected something like “oh, she’s so cute”, but instead I got a classic Skylarism…

Skylar: “Did she have the baby at home?”

Me: “No, I think she had the baby at the hospital.”

Skylar: “Oh, because sometimes babies are homemade.”

Me: (Totally silent, trying not to smile or laugh at her terminology)

Skylar: “Right?”

Me: ” Yes, you are right.  Sometimes people like to have their babies at home.”

This, of course lead into a discussion about home births vs. hospital births, concluding with Skylar deciding she would probably rather not have homemade babies, because it hurts and it would be smart to be at the hospital.  I silently hoped we wouldn’t need to have this conversation again for at least another 15 years.


Have any of your kids given you their opinion on childbirth or pregnancy?  I love hearing these type of topics from a child’s point of view.



One thought on “Skylarism – Home Birth

  1. The best form of birth control for Jessica was when she saw a picture of a full pregnant stomach sans shirt and pants covering the expansive belly. She swore she would NEVER get pregnant if that is what it does to your body! She was a teen at the time but now that she is a married adult, I hope that promise was forgotten!

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