Gluten Free Friday – It Is Time…

Yes, oh yes. The time has finally come.  After almost two and a half years of gluten free cooking and baking for the kiddo.  After so many complaints.  After finally getting my own diagnosis.  After 9 months of coming to terms with my diagnosis.  It’s finally time to put on my big girl panties………..and make a gluten free flour mix.


Some of you might be a little shocked that I haven’t even attempted this yet, but it’s true.  I’ve been using a lot of packaged mixes, and they are hit or miss.  And expensive.  I’m also finally starting to get sick myself, so the time is near for a full fledged diet change.  This cannot happen if I can’t find me a good flour to use.


The catalyst for this decision (and the reason I’m posting before I actually do something) came when I actually found some flours on awesome sale.  Usually every time I think I’m going to try this I look up the prices for the million different flours I will need, cry a little inside, then change my mind.  Today must be my lucky day though ’cause after reading this post from Hope’s Kitchen I not only got a decent sounding flour mix recipe and an amazing recipe for apple fritters, it lead me to an online grocer,  There I found a pretty great sale on Bob’s Red Mill products:

Millet Flour — $.08/oz — 23oz bag = $1.93

Sweet White Sorghum Flour — $.10/oz — 22oz bag = $2.25

Tapioca Flour — $.11/oz — 20oz bag = $2.13

Potato Flour — $.13/oz — 24oz – $3.13

(They didn’t have arrowroot. Boo)


All for a total of $9.34!!  So I got 2 of everything. $18.68!! Bam, what?!

The however, of course, is that because this is an online purchase you’ve got to pay shipping.  There’s a whole chart based on where you live and the total of your bill.  Since my total isn’t very high, the shipping is $9.99, bringing my grand total to $28.67.   Even with shipping, I think that sounds pretty darn reasonable.


So for now I will search around for that arrowroot I need and wait for my flours to come in.  I will then have to figure out something fun to make using my new flour mix.  Cross your fingers for me!


So, has anyone got a great GF flour mix?  I’m looking for something all purpose that I can easily use to sub into regular recipes.


Happy Gluten Free Friday, y’all!!



P.S.  I have no idea how long these sale prices are going to be available, so if you’re interested, I say go for it now!!

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