Black Rose Skull Wreath

Halloween may still be a few weeks away, but there’s no reason we can’t start our creepy crawly decorating now, right?

I made this wreath for our door last year, but since I was taking a little bloggin’ break I haven’t posted it yet.  Let me tell you, not only is the one of my favorite wreaths so far, it was incredibly easy to make.  So let’s get to it!

(Pardon my year old shadowy photos…)


First, you will need to raid your local craft store for goodies.  I was able to find bunches of black roses, purple glitter skulls, and glitter spiders all on clearance.  I splurged on a Styrofoam floral wreath (by splurged, I mean I used a Michael’s coupon of course).  Add a hot glue gun to the mix, and you’ve got all of your items!

I started with the placement of the large skull, as this was clearly the focal point of the wreath.  Since the wreath was Styrofoam, all I had to do was poke the stick the skull was attached to into the wreath.  Once I had that in place, I cut the flowers off of the bunch (leaving as long of a stem as possible) and poked them in as well.  If I found that the stem was too long and came out the other side of the wreath, I just trimmed the stem a bit.  The spiders were also on stems, so they were placed the same way.  Easy Peasy.  I hot glued a hidden loop of string in the back for hanging.  I have a window on my front door, so a suction cup with a hook on it works great for hanging wreaths without a giant bow on the top.

If I had wanted to re-use the wreath with new items, I could stop there.  However, this wreath will now be gracing a friend’s door for Halloween, so I went back with my glue gun to secure each piece.  I would recommend putting the whole thing together before doing any gluing in this case, since I found that some floral adjustments were needed when I stepped back for a good look.

Love this wreath?  Then !!

So there you go.  This baby took hardly any time to throw together, and I love how it’s scary without being scary.  Make sure you come back to check out this year’s wreath which I will be posting soon!  And if you need more inspiration, feel free to check out our Spider Web Wreath from 2 Halloweens ago, which comes with the bonus post of how to make an interchangeable yarn wreath.  Oh yes…

spider web wreath
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Have you made a great Halloween wreath you would like to share?  I would love for your to link to it, or describe it, in a comment below!

Happy Wreathing!


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  1. So… umm… Kind of excited for my new wreath. 🙂 Thanks. Glad I can be the “friend’s door” in your post. 🙂

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